I do appreciate that they mention in their business name that they use PHP. I didn’t have to click into the position before putting it in my shitlist

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The Craig Maloney Mastodon starter kit:
- Provide controversial general claims about common tools people use
- Aggressively ignore and undermine legitimate suggestions for alternatives
- Have 0 ability to cope with feedback or interactions that don’t involve people just nodding at whatever comes out of your mouth

So apparently the RIAA is trying to ban domain registration full stop because "all piracy websites have a domain" or smth lmao

Literally going full "ban the internet because you can listen to music on it"


Just waiting for the morons who didn’t vote to complain about whoever wins the US election...

Finally cleaned up my setup. Waiting to get a third professional monitor on the right but looking good so far.

If you're looking to set up a home server and don't like managing containers and reverse proxies, definitely check out cloudron.io/

Disclaimer: I package apps on there so I am biased. I still think its an incredible platform.

Fuck yeah! With the help from the cloudron community and their core team I have a Moodle app up on Cloudron: cloudron.io/store/org.moodle.c

Me (goes to site to download an OS)

Site: (redirects me to mega.nz)

Me: 😖

Me: (Clicks on "Download" button)

Site: "Do you want to allow mega.nz to store files on this system?"

Me: (Closes browser)

Yeah, if your project sends me to "Uber for Downloads" your project is dead to me.

When Vue 3 is released and I want to use it for Pollo but it has breaking changes coming from Vue 2 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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